Thursday, 14 September 2017

An act of kindness

Merpeople sharing and Caring

Beneath the waves of a colossal sea lived a kingdom of mermaids and mermen. The merpeople swam through the waves gracefully. Their whole kingdom was protected from the outside human world. The castles were made of coral reef beddings and the mermaids and mermen lived in prosperity.

“Swoosh” all the mermen and mermaids swam rapidly towards the towering coral reef castle. The king and queen Arav and Aravia sent a message out to all of their subjects. Once all the merpeople had arrived some of them were curious as to why they had been beckoned, while others just admired the immaculately dressed king and queen with their bright, beaming pearls.

The king announced that because the humans had been over fishing there was a risk of the merpeople food supply disappearing. “Hey I know what we can do” a little voice shouted in the crowd.

The little merman said he had a human friend whose dad was in charge of the fishing industry. “I can go tell them to stop overfishing and they could share the fish around”. There was a big pause and  then then everyone but the king and queen burst out laughing. Mofoblitz did not like the situation he was in so he just fled.

“Swoosh” The Little merman named Mofoblitz jet streamed his way to the surface. He then found his legged friend there. He pleaded with the human about the merpeople nearing the danger of extinction. The human felt guilty about what the little merman had to say. At that instant a figure walked out of the distance. It turned out to be the boy’s dad, Tony. Tony was a tall guy one that you’d often find in the books we read today. Tony had sleek hair, denim shorts and a baby blue polo. Tony heard the conversation between the merman and his son. He was red from head to toe. They obviously knew he was furious with the idea of stopping the fishing industries. But when the little merman brought up the fact that the merpeople were close to extinction because of the overfishing. It drastically convinced the humans to do something about it. Tony could not stop the fishing industry because he couldn’t earn money if doing so. Mofoblitz brought up the idea of sharing out the fish to the humans and the merpeople. From that day on Mofoblitz always told everybody in the mer kingdom to resolve a problem by sharing.


Thursday, 31 August 2017


I was tasked to create a 8 line poem describing a teacher in Halsey drive primary school

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


we were tasked to create a glossary that explains waht all these words mean in child friendly language.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel And Gretel

Once upon a time there dwelled on the outskirts of a large forest a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children.

Hansel and Gretel eventually grew sick of their poor life with their father and stepmother. One night when their parents had fallen asleep Hansel and Gretel leaped out their bedroom window and darted into the misty forest.                                                                                                                                                      

As Hansel and Gretel walked through the blinding mist they heard the rustle of leaves and the howling of bloodthirsty wolves.

As the sun came up Hansel and Gretel came upon a cinnamon scented gingerbread house. The windows were made up of crystal like mints and the roof tiles were pieces of candy the size of large dinner plates. The house was topped from head to toe with sweet sugary candy.

They opened the door hesitantly and were met by the kind face of an nice old lady. The old lady was just your standard textbook grandma she had a hairy chin, wet soggy tissues jammed up her sleeves and a pair of arced glasses. The lady kindly offered to let the siblings stay with her. Hansel and Gretel agreed with glee.

During their stay with the old lady Hansel and Gretel slept in memory foam mattress beds, ate premium food and devoured every plate of dessert they were given. All was good but Hansel and Gretel wanted all of it to themselves

So one night Hansel and Gretel hopped out of bed and sneaked as quiet as shadows into the old lady's room. Hansel and Gretel threw her into the sack they had brought with them. Still asleep the old lady was thrown into the oven letting out the biggest scream in the history of mankind.                         

A few days later a policeman turned up at the candy cottage about reports of a scream. The officer found the oven door open and something smoldering inside. It was the old woman's bones and a pile of singed hair.

Hansel and gretel were then shocked by the officers taser and were cuffed by steel restraints.  Hansel and Gretel only saw pitch black darkness from then on.
A short time later Hansel and Gretel found themselves in court. The Judge pounded his heavy duty gavel on the table and shouted out “Hansel and Gretel you will be sentenced to jail for 10 years for the crimes you have committed”. Hansel and Gretel had felt really guilty for what they had done to the kind elderly lady and after all the elderly lady never meant to harm them. Gretel then saw her future flash before her a dull, miserable life behind bars.

Hansel and Gretel learnt the hard way something we should all know ”never be greedy”.